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Generalized Multilevel Permutation Models

The gmpm package provides a comprehensive framework for performing permutation tests using regression on multilevel experimental data. GMPMs can be used to analyze categorical, count, and continuous data on its natural scale.

The package gmpm can be installed from the R command line using the following syntax:

install.packages("gmpm", repos="http://R-Forge.R-project.org")

To get started with gmpm, please see the package help documentation for the function gmp. If you are interested in using GMPM to analyze visual-world eyetracking data, please see the example kb07 in the package (from the command line in R, type ?kb07).

New features will be added soon. If you want to receive email updates, please subscribe to the 'news' mailing list.

Please see the forums for news/discussion. If you encounter problems, please submit a report in the "bugs" forum.

You can find the project summary page here.